SAND Executive Services Inc.


SAND Executive Services Inc., Chief Executive Officer:

The Chief Executive Officer is an executive protection, anti-terrorism, and counter-intelligence specialist consulting on international risk/crisis management matters. CEO of multiple international executive protection companies. The CEO is a former operative of Luxembourg, serving the country under Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg  participating in numerous international operations and trainings in Europe. After his honourable discharge he engaged in numerous private security operations in the USA, Middle East and South America. After retiring from public service, the CEO founded an international security corporation operating worldwide with a style similar to government security operations. 

The CEO has also acted as a private investigator in Canada, United States, South America and Monaco, working both domestically and internationally. For example, he has investigated homicides for Canadian families in Mexico and other foreign countries. Our CEO has often utilized his well-established and well-maintained network of contacts across the world to assist Canadian, American, Mexican and European law enforcement agencies to act faster and more efficiently on domestic and international investigations and security incidents.

As a scholar our CEO has appeared as a key-note speaker at  various international conferences, speaking on subjects such as terrorism and risk management. the CEO enjoys working to further educate North American, South American and European countries on terrorist threats and assist in the prevention and detection of terrorist attacks. He has written a number of articles on global terrorism and close protection published in security and police journals worldwide.  The CEO is considered one of the most knowledgeable professionals in the field of terrorism and counter intelligence. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in International Law and Communications, as well as a Doctorate in Abnormal Psychology and Human Behavior. He also actively lectures for upper-level Canadian, United States of America and European government agencies (federal and provincial) as well as various international government agencies.

Our CEO is a strong believer in professionalism in law enforcement agencies worldwide since they should be all working for the same objective, namely justice. As such, these agencies should strive to avoid obstructing each other in operations for selfish motives.

SAND Executive Services Inc., Vice President of International Operations:

Mr. Burkhalter is a third generation U.S. military Combat Veteran with extensive Special Operations background.
He has been an avid outdoorsman and firearms enthusiast since his early youth and has been involved in martial arts since 1977.

Mr. Burkhalter has taught and is available to teach workshops and seminars in the U.S. and abroad on a wide variety of subjects to include; Military Tactics, Law Enforcement & Security Operations, Firearms, Martial Arts, Bushcraft and Outdoorsman Skills, Survival, Threat Mitigation & Close Protection, Interpersonal Business Skills, resume and job hunting skills, Native American & Pacific Island tribal culture and spirituality and Genealogy.

His workshops and seminars have been offered at numerous Colleges and educational institutions in the US and Abroad since 1993 and his Law Enforcement training program is now a part of the Police Academy Training Program of the Federated States of Micronesia.