SAND Executive Services Inc.


In today’s world corporations face a multitude of security challenges. Corporations, Celebrities and Individuals can be vulnerable to a variety of attacks, threats and antagonists. These include acts of terrorism, workplace violence, threats from ex-employees, militant environmentalists, theft of proprietary information, armed home invasions and acts of sabotage.


Such corporations require an objective security solutions company with a common sense and client discretion approach working with them.

SAND Executive Services Inc. which operates globally has a team of International Military-Trained Operatives who are able to manage situations with the proficiency under difficult and at times sensitive circumstances.

SAND Executive Services Inc. has invaluable experience in helping executives live their lives in a safe and secure environment, freeing executives from complex security problems that can plague a business and leaving them to concentrate on the corporate tasks at hand.

SAND Executive Services Inc., was founded to operate within the higher echelons of corporate security and celebrity protection as a supplier of specialized business services to corporations worldwide.

SAND Executive Services Inc., offers an array of Security, Protection, Investigation & Legal Services, as well as Video/Digital Surveillance Equipment, full Forensic Services and KYC to assure Corporations, Celebrities and Individuals the Best available Professional Services and Piece of Mind.